Statement in response to developments around the closure of the Murray Developmental Center

Statement from the “Going Home” Coalition

May 30, 2013

Kim Morreale

Statement in Response to Federal Judge Issuing Temporary Restraining Order Preventing Residents from Transitioning into the Community and Out of State Institution

“Today's ruling is disappointing and sends the wrong message about people with disabilities. While the judgment is temporary, it will continue to delay the integration into the community that hundreds of people with disabilities enjoy today. It is not acceptable to segregate people with disabilities by confining them to a state institution, in this case the Murray Developmental Center. We are confident that the judge will ultimately rule in favor of giving people with disabilities the opportunity to live in a neighborhood of choice.”

Going Home is an advocacy campaign dedicated to full inclusion and equality for people with disabilities. The group supports transitioning people from state institutions to a community of choice. Visit to meet people who have made successful transitions into he community and to learn more about the Going Home Campaign.