Demand that Illinois legislators support institution closure and the rebalancing effort

photo taken of “Going Home” Rally on April 10 in Springfield
Earlier today, May 30, the Arc of Illinois sent out an action alert regarding the effort in Illinois to rebalance its system of long term care and offer more people with disabilities the opportunity to live in the community. A piece of that effort involves the closure of the Murray Developmental Center. The rebalancing effort and Murray closure suffered a set back on May 30. See the alert below from the ARC to learn what you can do to take action.

Action Alert from Tony Paulauski and the ARC of Illinois

We had two minor setbacks today in our fight for freedom and opportunity for people with disabilities.

We have worked for decades to rebalance the Illinois Disability System and thanks to Governor Quinn that is happening. At long last state institutions are closing and we are investing in community where everyone can live a full life. Your elected representatives must stand up to support community. That did not happen today.

Your advocacy is needed today!

The first, Judge Aspen issued a temporary restraining order this morning in the Murray litigation. This means that no one will move from Murray until there is a hearing on the Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

I am sure justice will prevail in Federal Court under the Americans with Disability Act and the Olmstead decision once the case is heard. The law is certainly on our side.

Second, the House Appropriations Human Services Committee voted 13 to 1 in favor of the Anti Closure House Resolution 273 this morning. Representative Robyn Gable was the only Rep to not support the Anti Closure House Resolution 273 sponsored by Rep Meier. Thank you Rep Gable for your leadership!

Here is the tally of the vote that I have in support of the Anti Closure Resolution:

Representatives Harris, Bellock, Davidsmeyer, Demmer, Leitch, Mussman, Roth, Tracy, Meier (in place of Uner), Wheller and Willis. Rep Ford and another Rep voted present. The resolution may go to the full House of Representatives for a vote if there is time these two last days.

ACTION: We have work to do with our legislators. Call your Representatives today and tomorrow in their Springfield office and ask them to vote “NO” on House Resolution 273!

You can call 217/782-2000 and ask for your Representative by name and you will be transferred. Or you can call directly if you know their name by going to this link:

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