Oppose HR 273. Close Murray Developmental Center

Amber Smock, Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, at a “Going Home” Rally in Springfield on April 10. Hundreds of people gathered to support the closure of the Murray Developmental Center
Earlier today, Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock, sent out an Advocacy Alert regarding the closure of the Murray Developmental Center. State advocates are rallying to ensure that the institution closes on schedule and that residents who transfer have all the tools needed to be successful living independently in the community.

Currently, advocates are working to oppose Illinois House Resolution 273. This resolution was filed to keep Murray open. The Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois has set up an action alert, which urges you to contact your legislator and urge him or her to oppose 273 and close Murray.

Here is the alert from the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities:

In the past few months, there have been two bills filed to stop the closing of Murray Developmental Center: HB 97, and HB 1731 HA 1. We've asked you to contact your representatives to oppose these bills; 70 activists took a moment to email their legislators about their opposition to the bills.

However, a resolution was filed on April 19th that asks Governor Quinn to stop the closure of Murray Developmental Center. Please take a moment to ask your representative to oppose this resolution, HR 273, and to ask Governor Quinn to proceed with the plans to close Murray Developmental Center.

Blocking the closure of Murray completely ignores the needs, desires, rights, and dignity of individuals who live there.

Blocking the closure of Murray is in conflict with the Olmstead decision, which says that people with disabilities should not be confined to an institution if they can be accommodated in the community with the right services and supports.

This bill would put the state at risk of lawsuits and of needing to spend large amounts of money on litigation and consent decrees.

The yearly cost to keep someone living in an institution like Murray Developmental Center costs 2 to 3 times as much as someone living in the community with the proper services and supports. Blocking the closure of Murray would be extremely costly to the state.

Jobs at Murray won’t go away; they will transfer to the private sector, reducing the size of government while serving people with disabilities in the most integrated setting possible: their homes.

Please take a moment to contact your legislator. Ask him or her to vote "no" on HR 273, and to proceed with the closure of Murray. Closing Murray Center is the right thing to do for the state's finances and for people with disabilities.

Thanks to CCDI for the Action Alert Message. Go to the link in the right column (related URLs) to take action.