Keep Warm and Safe during the Bitter Cold

Weathering the Winter!

Keep Warm and Safe This Winter Season

Bitter cold temperatures are more than an inconvenience; they pose a serious threat to health and safety. The City of Chicago has many services available to help residents weather the winter months.

• Locate a warming center near you;
• Request a well–being check for someone who may be suffering due to extreme weather;
• Report inadequate heat in a residential building;
• Learn about programs that assist with home heating costs; and
• Connect to shelter and supportive services.
• Wear several layers of loose, warm clothing, and keep your head, hands and feet covered when outdoors.
• Recognize the symptoms of hypothermia: stiff muscles, shivering, puffy or
swollen face, cold skin, slow breathing and mental confusion.
• Never use an extension cord with a space heater. Ovens should not be used to
heat homes.
• Landlords must heat residential buildings to at least 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees overnight.


Check on relatives, neighbors and friends. If you are unable to make contact, call 3–1–1 and request a well–being check.

Escape the Cold

City Warming Centers City Warming Centers A warming center is a heated facility where Chicagoans can go to find safe refuge from extreme weather.

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services operates six warming centers when temperatures dip below 32 degrees. Additional public facilities can also serve as temporary warming centers including police stations, libraries, and park district buildings.

The Garfield Center, located at 10 S. Kedzie Avenue, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect residents to emergency shelter.

Call 3–1–1 to locate a warming center in your area.
DFSS Warming Centers

9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
11 a.m.–7 p.m. Wednesday
(hours and days may be extended)

North Area Community
Service Center
4740 N. Sheridan Rd.

Trina Davila Community
Service Center
4357 W. Armitage Ave.

Englewood Community
Service Center
1140 W. 79th St.

King Community Service Center
4314 S. Cottage Grove

South Chicago Community
Service Center
8650 S. Commercial Ave.

Garfield Community
Service Center
10 S. Kedzie

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