National ADAPT continues “My Medicaid Matters” protests in Pennsylvania

OCTOBER 17, 2012


Cassie James Holdsworth, 215 219 0694 Philadelphia PA
Pam Auer, 717 798 2807 Harrisburg PA
Kathleen Kleinmann, 412 916 3135 Washington PA
Bruce Darling, 585 370 6690 Rochester NY


WHO: ADAPT, a national disability rights group is hosting the rally with several partner organizations at the national, state and local levels. Partner organizations currently include: statewide groups such as the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Independent Living Council, the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers Association, Visions for Equality, as well as national groups like TASH.

WHAT: A National Rally on Medicaid home and community based services for people with disabilities and seniors. A simultaneous rally is also being held in Olympia, Washington.

WHEN: 1 pm EST

WHERE: Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA. The rally will be on the fountain side of the Capitol on Commonwealth

WHY: Governor Corbett's rollback policies on Medicaid home and community based living are damaging years of careful program
building for people with disabilities, as well as children and seniors. Pennsylvania is just one of many states experiencing a
severe crisis in Medicaid home and community based services funding. Advocates from across the nation are joining together
today in Harrisburg to send a message to all state governments, Congress and the White House that Medicaid is critical to
independence. Medicaid is a hot button issue during this election season; over 50 million Americans use Medicaid services.
ADAPT's lead campaign is called My Medicaid Matters, to

About ADAPT: ADAPT is a national grassroots disability rights group dedicated to fighting for the right of people with
disabilities to live in their own homes, not nursing homes or institutions. ADAPT's hosting of this rally builds on three days
of direct action in Harrisburg focusing on Governor Tom Corbett and Department of Public Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander. For
more information, see