Support full access for people with disabilities along new bus route

After fifteen years without service along 31st St. Transit dependent riders in Bridgeport, McKinley Park, Little Village, Chinatown, Bronzeville and Armour Park finally have an East-West bound bus route.

Bringing back the 31st St. bus will help students safely reach schools, open up countless new job opportunities and offer a much needed economic boost for businesses along the route.

Although we are extremely excited with this victory our work is not done! The fight continues.

Now we want to tell the CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein that the community needs this bus route to be fully accessible and that sidewalks and streets should be fixed so that people with disabilities, seniors and people with small children have equal access to the bus stops on 31st.

Contact Commissioner Gabe Klein for an accessible
31st Street Bus Route!

312-744-3600 (voice)

Here is a sample script to help you plan your phone call:


My name is ___________, and I would like to ask Commissioner Klein to make the 31st Street Bus from Cicero to the Lakefront fully accessible for all. Our community needs this bus and a fully accessible route. This means a lift equipped bus, and sidewalks and streets that are navigable by people with disabilities, seniors and parents with children!

Thank you.

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