Financial Stability Group: Celebrating New Graduates, Looking for New Participants

A Financial Stability group meeting at Access Living earlier this year.
On Friday, July 6th, 12 members Access Living’s Financial Stability Group graduated from the eleven-week program. Armed with the knowledge and wherewithal to understand the significance of their personal debt and the tools to manage it,

these men and woman are now more confident in their ability to achieve financial stability.

Basic financial literacy skills are the building blocks of economic self-sufficiency. Over the course of financial stability class, participants discussed topics such as spending wisely, saving, interest rates, and the process of buying a home. “My hope is that after this program participants can improve their financial standing and also make connections to the world at large in relation to national debates (i.e., health care costs, taxes, and wealth accumulation) and how all these issues affect them,” says Independent Living Skills Coordinator and group leader, Carleda Johnson.

Access Living created the Financial Stability Group in order to provide another support component necessary for people with disabilities to live independently. Individuals need basic financial knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being. A lack of financial literacy and financial planning results in lower standards of living, hinders prosperity, and can radically affect the stability of our own nation’s financial health. Having a grasp of basic financial literacy knowledge and skills empowers individuals to understand and make more informed decisions.

The next session will be eleven weeks long again, and will take place on Friday’s from 2-4pm. The first class is this Friday, July 27th, and runs through October 5th. This time, building off the success of the last session, Carleda hopes to provide participants more one-on-one support to those who need more help understanding and changing their current financial situations. “I think financial education is a lifelong process that empowers individuals to plan for their futures and have the funds for the lifestyle of their choosing,” she added.

Spots are still available for the upcoming class. If you have any interest in participating in the Financial Stability Group, please contact Carleda Johnson at 312-640-2159 or