Access Living advocates in Springfield on May 3

Tell Illinois Legislators that Medicaid Matters
The state of Illinois is facing a budget crisis. As a result, the government wants to cut $2.7 Billion in Medicaid. But many Medicaid Services are critical for the independence of people with disabilities. On May 3, many Access Living staff and advocates will travel to Springfield to communicate directly with legislators, telling them that Medicaid and community-based services are essential to the independence of people with disabilities. Not only that, home based services are less expensive than institutional services. If the state cuts home based services, then people will be forced into nursing homes and other institutions, which will cast the state more money.

While the advocates are in Springfield, this is what you can do to support the effort:

1. Check out this chart to see if your community will be impacted by the cuts:

Believe it or not there are legislative districts where over 90% of the children use Medicaid funded services.

2. PIES! is a set of principles in support of community services and the independence of people with disabilities. See the attached flyer for the Protect, Invest, Enforce and Strengthen (PIES) Home and Community Based Services legislative asks. Share this with your legislators. You will also find the PIES statement of principles.

3. Make an appointment with your state legislators to talk to them directly about home and community based services, especially if you know you use them yourself. Let them know how important these services are to you. Legislators are more likely to be in their district offices on Mondays and Fridays. Tuesdays through Thursdays they are more likely to be in Springfield.

4. Don’t know how to find your state legislators? Use this search engine and just enter your address to find out:

Tom Wilson
Community Organizer - Health Care