April is Fair Housing Month

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April is Fair Housing Month. Celebrate the housing rights of people with disabilities!
This year marks the 24th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Amendments Act. The law, as amended, prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental and financing of housing based on disability. The law protects the community, but people with disabilities are still often discriminated against simply because of their disability, (see “Barriers at Every Step”-- related URLs). Though discrimination exists, services such as Access Living’s Fair Housing Program give people with disabilities a tool to confront discrimination and enforce their rights as people with disabilities.

Also, programs across Chicago, Illinois and the country are opening up housing opportunities, giving people with disabilities the chance to live independently in homes and communities of their choice. As a result of a recent collaboration, Access Living and the Chicago Housing Authority are partnering together to give people with disabilities the chance to move out of Chicago nursing homes and into their own apartments. A recent piece from the Associated Press highlights the story of Lawrence Matthews, a man with a disability who, as a result of the Access Living/CHA partnership, found an apartment in Chicago’s Edgewater Neighborhood. The Associated Press Story is linked to this page.

Though discrimination still exists, as a result of programs protecting the rights of people with disabilities and programs that create new housing opportunities, more and more people with disabilities are enforcing their civil rights and are living the dream of independence and inclusion.


  1. fiona How can I be in the program
  2. Yolanda Glover Need assistant in help my neice who has been in wheel chair since birth and her and her mother are about be homeless due to her ssi being cut and they have no way of affording the rent that they now struggle to pay.They need information where to go for help.Please help!!!
  3. Rhonda Johnson My friend is looking for an apartment.
    She is living in a nursing center
    but now she is looking for a place of her own.
    Can you or someone help her?
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