Change in Senior Designation Plan opens up affordable, accessible housing for people with disabilities

Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing
Members of the Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing at a rally to preserve independent living services in the summer of 2010
In 2009, the Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing (DRACH), a group of people with disabilities working to open up more housing opportunities in Chicago, launched a campaign to lower the age of senior housing at the Chicago Housing Authority from 62 years old to 55 years old. The campaign was designed to open up available housing units to people with disabilities. At the time, hundreds of Senior Designated Units within the CHA remain vacant while the need for accessible, affordable housing within the disability community continued to grow. Lowering the age limit would strengthen CHA Communities by filling vacant units while finding new homes for hundreds of people in search of housing.

In June of 2009, DRACH scored a victory when, at a public hearing, CHA agreed to lower the age limit at Senior Housing from 62 to 55.

The change in the Senior Designated Housing Plan is now official. A few days ago, the Chicago Housing Authority released a statement announcing the change.

This is great news for people with disabilities in search of housing. Congratulations to DRACH.

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