Welcome to the blog chronicling the work of Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago

Access Living Board and Staff
Access Living is committed to the advancement and empowerment of people with disabilities in Chicago and nationwide. Our programs and services represent a multifaceted approach in attaining this goal. From helping people to transition out of nursing homes into the community to seeking reasonable accommodations from landlords so that people with disabilities can increase the accessibility of their homes, Access Living has fought for people within the disability community for the past thirty years. With over fifty employees, Access Living has positively impacted hundreds of people on an individual basis and thousands of people with disabilities through our policy work. While Access Living’s website can provide you with the basic descriptions of our programs and our overarching principles and direction, the purpose of this blog is to give you an in-depth view of the specific work of our staff. We hope that this forum can forge another connection to the disability community. Feel free to comment on the various entries or to raise questions about a disability rights related issue.

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