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Access Living leader elected president of International Disability GroupOn March 6, Access Living’s Marca Bristo was elected President of the United States International Council on Disability (USICD). Committed to international disability rights, USICD is a federation comprised of the leading disability organizations with international agendas and national memberships, government agencies with a deep interest in international disability affairs, and individuals committed to international disability rights. April 28, 2007
Disability Rights Leader honored as Chicagoan of the YearRecognizing her local, national, and international leadership, Chicago Magazine recently honored Marca Bristo as a “Chicagoan of the Year” for 2007. January 25, 2008
DePaul University study of costs and benefits of employing people with disabilities finds few risks to employersA study released on January 28, 2008 conducted by a team of researchers at DePaul University found that employees with disabilities from the healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors in the region were just as dependable and productive as employees without disabilities. February 5, 2008
New Report Identifies Gaps And Inefficient Utilization Of Resources For Illinois’ Developmentally Disabled InitiativesOn Thursday, February 14, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities hosted a news conference to announce the release of two reports that analyze gaps in services to people with developmental disabilities and that propose recommendations for addressing the gaps. February 18, 2008
Access Living milestone a dream come true for Anton Taylor“It’s like a breath of fresh air,” said Anton Taylor, letting out a small sigh, thinking about his new apartment. Back in early 2004, Taylor moved into a southside nursing home for what he believed to be a short stay. Years later, Taylor was still in the nursing home. March 18, 2008
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Access Living releases analysis of CPS FY 2015 Budget Access Living announces the release of the FY 2015 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Budget Review. In conjunction with the start of each school year, Access Living publishes a review of the CPS Budget, specifically as it relates to special education funding and students with disabilities. The report is authored by Access Living Education Policy Analyst Rodney Estvan. July 22, 2014
In wake of Harris v. Quinn decision, community will continue to work for independence of people with disabilities On June 30, the Supreme Court ruled in Harris v. Quinn. The ruling could impact a program that supports the independence of thousands of people with disabilities in Illinois. June 30, 2014
Disability community recognizes 15th Anniversary of Olmstead RulingLandmark decision opened door for integration of people with disabilitiesOn June 22, people with disabilities and disability advocates around the country will recognize the 15th Anniversary of the Olmstead Ruling. June 20, 2014
Access Living Statement on the Illinois Home Services ProgramOn June 6, the United States Attorney Office for the Southern District of Illinois announced 14 indictments that target fraud in the Home Services Program. In the 34-year history of the program, instances of fraud have been extremely rare. June 6, 2014
2014-Gala-SavetheDate The 2014 Access Living “Lead On!” Gala Access Living honors Walgreens, King Harris and Karen Meyer -- Governor scheduled to attend
On Tuesday, June 3, at its 2014 Gala, Access Living will present Walgreens, Civic Leader King Harris, and ABC Channel 7 Reporter Karen Meyer with the "Lead On!" Awards.
June 2, 2014
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