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The Empowered Fe Fes - Group for Young Women

The Empowered Fe Fes

a photo of young women with disabilities -- the Empowered FeFes -- while visiting the University of Washington for a presentation on disability awareness
The Empowered Fe Fes is a support and action group of young women with disabilities ages 16 to 24. The Fe Fes represent all different kinds of disabilities and come from different racial and ethnic communities around Chicago.

"Fe Fe" is slang for "female.”

Beginning January 2010, the Empowered Fe Fes are moving to Monday evenings. They will meet bi monthly on Mondays from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. and discuss issues like being disabled and a girl, dating, job hunting, sexuality, family conflict, getting an apartment, independence, power, our rights and making our communities better.

You should join the Fe Fes if you want to:
- meet new people
- learn useful skills
- find useful resources
- get more confident about speaking your mind!

The Fe Fes does lots of interesting projects. For example, in collaboration with Beyondmedia Education, the girls have created three award-winning films:

- Beyond Disability: The Fe Fe Stories
- Why They Gotta Do Me Like That?: The Fe Fes Take On Bullying
- Doin' It: Sex, Disability and Videotape
Contact: Kimberly Wilson Community Development Organizer - Women & Girls Voicemail: 312-640-2190 TTY: 312-640-2170 Email: Contact: Fulani Thrasher Women and Girls/ Fe Fes Coordinator Voicemail: 312-640-2190 Email: Contact: Candace Coleman Community Development Organizer - Youth Voicemail: 312-640-2128 TTY: 312-640-2102 Email: Presenter: Access Living